Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Can We Really Get Google Ads For Free ? Is this a scam?


Is this a scam?

“Now that I‟ve read the book, I won‟t be asking for a refund. I learned things from it that will more than pay the cover price. But does it really fulfill the claims made in the sales letter? … “Yes, because it does explain how you can make your Google advertising effectively free. The book does do what it promises. It actually does quite a lot more than it promises…”

" It s a twist on a very old idea that I havent seen described online before "


Widgetbucks is actually paying good in a very related genre , and $25 for free its not bad at all , payments made by paypal how cool is that :)
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The affiliate resource section is one of the best and most complete that I‟ve ever seen for any product. A lot of work has gone into it and as a „how to sell affiliate products‟ or „how to support your affiliate‟ book, would make an excellent stand-alone product in its own right.

Yet, here is something Bill Gates once said even well after Microsoft™ was on its way proving to be a leader in the competitive computer-age:

“No one will ever need more than 56K…”

~Bill Gates

Founder, Microsoft™ …and was he ever WRONG! Yet Bill Gates is considered (by his own place in his own field, no less!) to be quite an authority on the subject of computers, software, and people‟s demand and usage of such (yet, this didn‟t stop him from being very, very wrong).

YES , this ebook do help people succed in the PPC ads .

Well , i was so skeptical getting this ebook after i review the sales
"Get Google Ads Free" page which i have to say its well written and at the end of the page you really want to click on the buy button।
to get this big secret :)
Curiosity is a powerful motivator।I really wanted to know how this guy was achieving such enormous amounts of advertising, apparently at no cost whatsoever।I figured that as the book is sold through ClickBank, if it turned out to be total trash, I could easily get a refund (that's the beauty of ClickBank - they refund with no questions asked)।what a heck we lost so much money with adwords campaigns so far it wont hurt us 50 more bucks ।So here is the Question Should you buy 'Get Google Ads Free'?On balance, I'd say yes। Not just to satisfy your curiosity, but also because if you read between the hype and bragging, there are some good ideas to be had. Ideas that could make you a lot of money.
Below are some sections of this ebook:

Section 1 – Introduction: My Secret Revealed.

This first section will reveal to you:

(a) Precisely what my Secret is!
(b) How my Secret gets me $12 million a year in Google Pay-Per-Click Advertising alone!
(c) How my Secret has allowed me $87 million in advertising FREE!
(d) A very clever (but virtually unknown) trick for determining within just 48 hours exactly which keywords and phrase you should be using ONLY (and no more!)
(e) How to borrow from this information and apply it cleverly to search engine optimization if you ever intend on using it!
(f) A very clever trick for guaranteeing all your ads the Premium position (above the organic results) at ALL search engines and on the FRONT page for any keywords or phrases you ever use!
(g) My own personal trade secret that will guarantee you NEVER will have to pay for PPCs ever again!
(h) And much, much more!

Section 2 – Building Relevant Keyword Lists.

This second section will reveal to you:
(i) How to generate every possible relevant keyword and keyword phrase you‟ll ever need for anything you are ever going to sell at Google and other search engines using pay-per-clicks!
(j) How to then “filter” quality from quantity keywords and phrases for maximizing your CTR performance so you can get as high as a 50% CTR!
(k) FREE algorithmic tools online that will allow you to do BOTH (i) and (j) just above!
(l) A FREE video that will allow you to make use of super-precise matching options and walk you through them step-by-step!
(m) How to actually get 100‟s of other advertisers to pay YOU to advertise on Google for FREE (and for whatever you‟re selling on Google and other search engines using PPCs!)

Section 3 – Make $1 Million’s WITHOUT Selling Anything.

This third section will show you:
(n) How to use my Secret with a very simple “twist” so that you can make $1 million‟s without even selling anything (literally you can make millions of dollars and never even have a product!)
(o) How I personally use this simple twist to generate an “extra” $2 million a year on top of all the other money I‟m making (and yes, this is entirely legal -- and simple!)
(p) How to get 100‟s of other people to actually make you rich for NOT even having a product, and using PPCs!

Section 4 – Cultivate & Nurture Your List.

This fourth section will show you:
(q) How to use an autoresponder and FREE newsletter to make your sales jump as high as 700% or MORE!
(r) How to get FREE articles to put into your FREE newsletter series so YOU never have to write a single word!
(s) Which autoresponders you should use that guarantee over 99% deliverability!
(t) How you can then use this NEW and EVER-GROWING database to jumpstart any other NEW web-business you ever intend to do!

Section 5 – In case you want to take advantage of the 80 million people daily searching for a money-making opportunity.

Because money-making opportunities are by far the largest segment of online surfers (with the only exception perhaps being porn seekers) this fifth section will show you:
(u) How to use my special “twist” where you don‟t have to have any product but can still leverage a massive income from this vast segment!
(v) Over 400 EXACT keywords you‟ll need in order to do this very successfully!

Section 6 – An interesting side-twist on my Secret!

This clever sixth section will show you:
(w) How to do 1 extra thing that will further eliminate all your PPC costs!
(x) And at the SAME time generate for yourself an entirely extra income stream!

Section 7 – One more thing you can do that will allow you another income stream of possibly $1 million yearly!

This last and seventh section will give you:
(y) Another means of more than guaranteeing you pay NO costs in PPCs ever!
(z) Another additional revenue stream that could easily result in over $1 million a year EXTRA in your pocket!

FREE Bonus #1 – FREE Online Advertising In this bonus section I give you 2 free resources that can get you advertising just 1 minute from now any offer you have!

FREE Bonus #2 – Low-Cost Offline Advertising In this bonus section I give you helpful resource information on how to advertise in every newspaper in North America, as well as 10,000 worldwide newspapers; and also how to advertise in 83% of all American newspapers for up to 95% OFF what you‟d pay otherwise.

FREE Bonus #3 – Wholesale Business Magazine Advertising In this section I give you a single helpful resource that will give you:
a) magazine advertising in the nation‟s leading business & entrepreneurial magazines
b) for up to 90% OFF what you‟d pay otherwise
c) top ad design at NO extra costs (FREE!)

FREE Bonus #4 – Auto-Effective Advertising In this bonus section I show you how to use a ?twist? of viral marketing known as ?auto-effective advertising.? This form of promotion costs nothing but allows you to reach millions of prospects for whatever your offer! SUPER Special

FREE Bonus #5 – Become Our Affiliate! In this VERY Special bonus section we show you how our Affiliate Program works, and how you can use what‟s in this ebook to sell it on Google FREE!

Here is the link to view the ebook sales page : Get Google Ads Free